Thursday, October 15, 2015

More fall colors

You'll be ready for winter when I get done showing you all these leaves. At least you don't have to rake them. Well, I don't, either; they're out in the vineyard. But our maple trees are dropping leaves on the driveway like crazy right now. I'm always torn between raking them as they fall or waiting until they're all down to rake them up. I suppose "torn" is not the right word since I always wait.

Red grape leaves.

I got industrious and raked the current batch of fallen apples into little piles. Now it's time to pick them all up. The wheelbarrow's wheel is fixed, so I have no excuse. After that, it will be time to cut the grass again. I wonder if it will be the last time this year?


  1. I should be gloriously happy if autumn lasted all winter long.

  2. Wait long enough and won't the fallen leaves disappear?

  3. Could you use some chopped leaves for mulch or compost? I used to mow leaf piles and then dump the mower bag on the flower beds or the compost pile. Of course in those days I was a better gardener--also way more industrious.

  4. More beautiful colours!
    Our grass is still growing here in Derbyshire. It's very mild still, although the nights are now chilly. Autumn has been lovely here so far but everyone is talking about a bad winter coming. That can only mean one thing - snow.

  5. jacqueline, that happened recently. I'd actually like a little snow this year. Not a lot, mind you! ;)

    andrew, well, yes. But I like to get them off the drive at least. It's gravel and the leaves become mulch which feeds weeds that grow up through the gravel.

    carolyn, we certainly do! When I rake up the leaves, they go right on the garden plots to keep weeds down, then they're composted in when the garden is tilled in spring.

    jean, it has been nice, and should be nice again, here. I hope we get a little snow this winter, but when none of us have to drive!

  6. I love the red grape leaves! Typical autumn leaves are depressing.


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