Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This is the view from the den. It's a narrow view because of a huge fir tree right outside the window, and the tilleul (linden tree) a little farther out, part of which you can see in the foreground on the right. But it's still a nice perspective out into the vineyards behind the house. And now it's all golden.

Looking westerly along the dirt road through the vineyards on Sunday morning.

I should be taking advantage of the nice days to get some hedge trimming done, but I'm not. The big trimming will be done by the pros, but there are a few smaller hedges that I will do myself. One day. And there are all the leaves to rake out of the driveway, even though the trees are not finished shedding them yet.


  1. Beautiful view. Hope you are well Diane

  2. Beautiful view. Hope you are well Diane

  3. Views like that are why I love autumn although cool, crisp days don't hurt.

  4. A truly golden view. As for the leaves to be raked. Nothing would tick me off more than raking for hours only to come inside and watch a big wind blow through and dump another load of leaves from the stingy old oak trees. You might as well just wait, right?


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