Saturday, October 03, 2015

What's on tv

I have no idea. The tv program didn't come in the mail yet. And that's very unusual. I've been getting this tv magazine in the mail for close to ten years now, and this is the first time I can remember it not getting here on time. I know the subscription is up to date; I renewed it in August. So, today you get autumn leaves.

Some grape leaves go brilliant red in the fall.

I have the worst luck with chainsaws. I was merrily sawing away on Friday when the chain suddenly came off the saw in mid-cut. Somehow it got deformed and will no longer glide in the guide arm. Ugh! Now I have to take the saw into the shop and either get a new chain or a new guide or both.


  1. In my younger years I too had the same problem. My father was an expert on chainsaws, and now my niece is too. You really have to put an effort into keeping your chain tight.

  2. Wow! Lovely colors. Good luck with the chainsaw.

  3. Nice pic... prefer it to the TV cover and what not to watch...
    And I'm with Andrew... sounds like a loose chain...
    done it myself... but you'll only do it the once!!
    Pull the bottom of the chain down...
    you should only see the bottom of the guide peg where you are pulling...
    if you see light between the guide and the peg...
    tighten up a tad...
    that way you'll never have it happen again...
    it takes two loose teeth to jump... usually at the nose if it hits a snag.
    Bon chance at the shop!

  4. That sounded dangerous? I guess you weren't hurt, or you probably would have said so. (hoping, anyway)

    I like to think there is so such thing as "women's work" or "men's work" - but I am more than happy to leave chain saws up to the men (!) - at least whenever their need comes into my life.

    Did you just get those leaves into full sun to get such a vibrant red? At first glance I was thinking Christmas pointsettias! Well done.

    Mary in Oregon

  5. andrew, I thought it was tight, but I guess I misjudged!

    christine, thanks. I'm under a curse. ;)

    tim, I did that and thought it was good. It may have loosened up in use. I've got to be sure the bolts are tight.

    mary, the leaves were in the sunlight, yes, and back-lit. And around here, everything is "men's work." LOL.

  6. Aha... Yours is the two nuts system... with those I was taught to check tension after each tree felled...
    so before cutting the next one.... usually at ten minute intervals.
    Here, when cutting firewood, now a thing of the past.... I used to check between each batch of ten logs....
    roughly every ten minutes... and it is a good time to check the oil level.
    For here, I got one of the Stihl chainsaws with a wheel and clamp adjuster...
    easier to keep right... but I still use the timing I was taught in forestry.


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