Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Periodic puppy pics

Callie is used to us having our cameras during our walks and she will often stop and wait more or less patiently while we take pictures. If we're in a grassy spot, she'll take advantage and munch on some grass. Otherwise, she keeps her eyes peeled for rabbits, deer, and other critters.

Callie waits and watches.

We were woken early this morning by thunder and heavy rain on the roof. Callie was spooked by the noise and ran down the stairs barking. The storm didn't last very long and we were all back to sleep after a short while. Weird weather for October.


  1. Callie is such a beautiful girl, I'd never grow tired of seeing her =)

  2. Nice photo of your Callie (and ours, too).

  3. jacqueline, me neither!

    evelyn, :)


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