Thursday, October 29, 2015

The moles are back

I'm not sure they ever left. But they are certainly active. These are fresh mole hills. I know because the previous mole hills were removed before I cut the grass last week. And I will have to remove these before I can cut again, and it looks like I may need to cut again over the next couple of weeks. We're having relatively warm days and it's been raining. The grass is growing.

The moles' handiwork in the back yard.

And that's not all. There are mice in the pantry. They haven't done any harm, yet, but they're burrowing in the sandy floor and leaving, well, "leavings" here and there. I set up two snap traps, but they don't seem to be sensitive enough. The bait is obviously being nibbled on, but the traps don't spring. We're going to try live traps next. The cat is no help. He must be outdoors hunting when the indoor mice are active. But, even then, he won't hunt moles.


  1. Or you could just make mountains out of them.

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  3. Good luck with the mice. They are looking for a warm place to winter over. We have one of those live traps and the snap ones as well. Female cats are better hunters.

  4. In the meantime you might try crushing some dried peppermint, rosemary, or another strong-smelling herb and strewing it around your pantry and over any 'trails' you might see.

    Peppermint also does double duty since spiders avoid it like the plague. Essential oil also works well.

  5. "These are fresh mole hills." - funny, they don't look like mountains (make mountains out of mole hills, anyone?).

  6. moles don't visit my garden fortunately

  7. stuart, lol! I thought I was...

    evelyn, we keep the pantry door closed so the cat can't get in there. That's where we keep his kibble and treats.

    jacqueline, we do have a lot of rosemary in the garden. They don't like that?

    anne marie, the hills are alive!

    gosia, they are hard to get rid of. You're lucky!


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