Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tempus fugit

It's official. We're now on Central European Winter Time. Daylight Saving (or Summer) Time ended in the wee hours this morning. We got our hour back. Now it will get darker even earlier in the evenings; the sun will set today just before six pm.

The depth of field is a little off in this shot (the grapes on top are out of focus), but I like it anyway.

Of course, it will get lighter a little earlier in the morning, but as we move toward the solstice and the days get even shorter, we won't notice so much.


  1. I always have great plans to use the stolen hour when it is returned, but they never come to fruition.

  2. I'm glad you like your grapes photo anyway. I love it! As for the time change, it means I have to Skype with my mother and brother an hour earlier for now. That means the cats get their afternoon treats an hour earlier. They're happy.

  3. In Poland we also have changed time. I hate it

  4. Ours happens next weekend, I think :) Nice grapes!

  5. andrew, I stockpile them. For later.

    mitch, and happy cats are... pretty much the same.

    gosia, doesn't bother me.

    judy, I, too, think you change next weekend. And thanks!


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