Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tower reflected

This photo didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I should have moved around some more for a better angle. But, still, I like the imagery of the tower, graphically depicted as a reflection in the river, juxtaposed with the actual tower. I wonder if this sign is still there after all this time?

The sign is for a company that runs boat tours along the Seine River.

Today I am in the clinic at Blois. I'm having a routine exam, one that I had for the first time five years ago. They will put me under a light general anesthetic for about fifteen minutes. It will be a nice nap. I'm already looking forward to eating vegetables again once it's done.


  1. You are probably home having veggies by now (I am guessing tomatos!). Hope your procedure went well.

  2. Thanks, everyone! It all went smoothly and all is well. :)


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