Thursday, August 23, 2007

Le Mont Ventoux

Beginning our ascent.

Finally we began our climb of the Mont Ventoux. By climb I mean, of course, on the paved road in our car. The road was curvy and the views were great.

Among the clouds.

We passed cyclists going up. They have got guts. I believe that the Tour de France has climbed the mountain before, so these guys (and they were guys) were most likely following in the pedal-steps of their Tour heros.

You can see a cyclist on the road on the right side of the picture.

At the summit, 1,909 meters high, is an Air Force radar installation and a television transmitter. There is practically no vegetation and the road is lined with markers that supposedly stick up through the snow in winter.

The summit of the Mont Ventoux.

We drove up on the northern flank from west to east, and down the other side.

Above the clouds.


  1. Although I am not at all interested in sports, even less so in cycling, Mont Ventoux to a French born person is one of the bestknown "étape du Tour de France". A difficult one as I understand. And your photos show why! ;)

  2. To think that from time-to-time the Tour de France includes this on their route. There is a small memorial on the way that marks the spot where Tom Simpson died in 1967. See:

  3. claude, cycling has only held mild interest to me, but as recreation and not competition. I must say, though, that I've watched the Tour on more than one occasion and am slowly getting it. I usually watch because of the great aerial photography.

    john, thanks for the link. It's really incredible what these guys go through in this sport. I don't remember the memorial, but can't believe we didn't see it.

  4. I love these pictures taken at the top of the Mont Ventoux. It was very cold and pretty windy up there on that June day 14 years ago.


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