Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Balloon And A Dog

During the summer months we frequently see hot-air balloons flying over the house. They come by early in the morning or early in the evening, depending on the weather. And every dog for miles around barks at the balloon. Callie is no exception.

I took this short video a couple of days ago. While shooting, Ken came back from a store run, so I tried to get Callie to stop barking and go see him. She started to run to see him, but the pull of that hot-air balloon was too much, and she ran back to continue barking at it.

She also barks at the moon, but it doesn't move out of view quite so fast. And recently, she's taken to barking at the sun when she sees it behind light clouds. Crazy dog.


  1. Callie Callie Callie! She's so cute! Thanks for this fun video :)


  2. In spite of the fact that I don't bark at them, I love these giant balloon creatures...they are so pretty to watch.

  3. Great video! I miss having a dog. We're thinking about getting one.

  4. Too cute! Maybe Callie got scared once when they were firing the balloon to go higher. It happened to us in Kenya. The elephants were so scared but what a wonderful ride.
    Too bad those rides are so expensive; it is a wonderful feeling.

  5. Think Callie's crazy? In five years, we've only heard Burton bark once! He's scared of his own voice, and everything else.

  6. judy, but of course that's only a snippet. The barking lasts as long as the balloon is visible!

    alewis, I agree!

    mark, what kind did you have when you had one?

    nadage, not sure, but it's not just the sound. It's partly the sight of that big thing in the sky. Like the moon.

    evol, oh, that's spooky!

  7. Love your Blog, really like you videos.


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