Thursday, June 25, 2009

Couscous Lunch, Part Two

Also called "Merci Jean-Luc" for reasons that will become clear. At this point in the afternoon, we were all full of couscous, goat cheese, and our dessert of lemon tart that I made earlier in the morning. I didn't get any photos of that. It didn't last long. And we all had coffee.

Fortunately, those who were driving were very responsible and stopped drinking in plenty of time so as not to be hazards on the road. The rest of us stopped well before dark.


  1. This is so lovely. With 2 days of video it's like you've had an all night party and you've all been sitting in the same places for 48 hours. Not bad going for some over 60s! I'm always so impressed by the sound of birdsong in your films. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. You guys crack me up. What a life!
    (just envious).

  3. My French Bulldog's name is Jean-Luc. Unfortunately, he hasn't learned how to pour wine!

    Great party!


  4. hurrah for goat cheese!

    was it the 'house coffee' you mentioned about a week ago?

  5. veronica, the weather is so pleasant right now that sitting in the same place for 48 hrs. sounds nice!

    jean, much fun was had.

    nadage, and as you can see, we cracked ourselves up. ;)

    bettyann, time to go to the trainers!

    urpso, and we have some very good goat cheese around here. And, no, not the same coffee. hehehe.

  6. What a lovely afternoon. How lucky to spend time in your company at your beautiful home.


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