Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Couscous Lunch, Part One

On Tuesday we welcomed our Australian friends from Preuilly, Susan and Simon, our neighbors Jean-Luc and Starr, the tile guy Jacques, and our house guest CHM, for a couscous lunch in our back yard. And here is the video proof of the fun we had.

Much wine was consumed. Like that's not obvious. There was an amazing mixture of French and English. Wow.

The weather was great, too.

So I owe you a couple of "part two's" don't I? They'll be coming along.


  1. That mixture of French and English is just great. And with an American accent, too !! You obviously had a super time. More videos please.

  2. One video is worth a thousand words! Everyone seems very happy indeed. I think you're speaking french like a native now, Walt.

    Thanks from tout le monde here- from us, your faithful readers.

  3. Dear Papa,

    You will pay for that "lazy bitch" remark.

  4. Sweet! And I'm chuckling at "Callie's" comment above. Someone's having fun.

  5. Such fun, I can't stop being envious, Callie is a lucky bitch!

  6. of my favorites! Along with wine and friends....delightful!

  7. Wow! Callie left you a comment!

    How cute is Mo? He/she likes to sit right where Burty would be, under everyone's feet! Must be a Labrador thing....

  8. jean, coming right up!

    evelyn, you'll be here soon!

    judy, it was lotsa fun.

    callie, which computer are you using?

    ginny, and I don't know who it is...

    juli, yes, she was actually laid out on her couch in the house. Tired from running around with Mo.

    alewis, couscous is becoming a summer tradition chez nous.

    evol, Mo is a he, and a real sweet dog.

  9. Sounds like our house...except for that accent, lol.


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