Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is the second year we've tried to grow the famed native American fruit that is related to the common tomato. Last year the weather sucked and we got a late start and the plants didn't do anything.

After the blossom fades, a paper lantern appears.

This year, the seedlings were healthy and strong, and the plants are going gangbusters out in the garden. Now we have a whole bunch of blossoms, and the fruit is starting to set.

One of our tomatillo plants. They get very large.

So we're hoping for a good crop with which to make some good old southwestern salsa this fall. It all depends on the weather from this point forward. As the fruit matures, we'll certainly keep taking pictures and posting them here.

Inside the lantern, the fruit grows.
When the paper browns and tears, it will be time to harvest.


  1. Hi,I grew tomatillos in my polytunnel last year, and they were terrific. There was so much fruit I almost didn't know what to do with it! It makes a great chutney for eating with bread and cheese and salsa to die for. Good luck with your plants. Gabrielle

  2. I really do envy your green thumb wcs.

    Oh, and 'Punters' are people who are regular customers at a bar/pub. You can also use it to describe people who like to place bets on sporting events. We also use it to describe crowds at sporting/entertainment events :)

  3. Walt you must make some Chili Verde! Ummmmm doesn't that sound good?

  4. The lanterns are so pretty!


  5. they do well here in the southwest. We make salsa from our toms. Lovely things.

  6. In spite of loving them and having eaten them in all forms, I have never actually cooked with them myself. Maybe it's time I kicked it up a notch!


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