Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spitting In The Coffee

That's what Ken calls it. That's not what happens. Let me explain. When we have coffee in the morning, we make a pot of automatic drip coffee. I don't drink mine fast enough, even when I only take half a mug, and it gets cool or even cold before I can finish it.

Our humble coffee maker.

So, I pour the cold coffee from my mug back into the pot, then refill my mug with hot coffee. This grosses Ken out. He says it's just like spitting in the coffee pot. I beg to differ. Besides, we've lived together for twenty-six years. Enough said.

I, of course, see nothing wrong with this practice. And let me be very clear: I only do this when it's just the two of us at home. I NEVER do this when we have house guests, nor would I do it at someone else's home. That wouldn't be right. But when it's just us? Doesn't seem like a problem to me.



  1. Well, I can see his point. But, I do hate cold coffee. And my tea frequently gets cold. Maybe I could just switch cups with my husband, but I think he'd notice the milk and sugar. You must take your coffee black, right?

  2. ...seems reasonable to me but if you have a microwave you could re-heat there and preserve peace and tranquility in the house.

    Of course, this is one of those big things you and Ken should have worked out 26 years ago. :-)

  3. Bill, we only recently started drinking coffee again on a regular basis. For years we drank tea, and W. didn't spit in that — for whatever reason. And yes, Paulita, he does drink it black. Any other way, given his way of doing things, would really have me in a fury. Fact is, many mornings I get up so much earlier that by the time W. starts spitting in the coffee, I'm already through for the day.

  4. Melinda, tu as parfaitement raison. J'espère qu'il fait beau temps dans les montagnes de Caroline du Nord. K.

  5. I'm with Ken, Mitch would be with Walt, I'm sure. I say use the microwave, Walt. :)

  6. The one really good reason I can think of for owning a microwave is to reheat cold coffee.

    On the other hand, I'm not terribly grossed out by what you're doing. Don't tell Ken.

    The word verification is "galyfort," which sounds like something to do with ships.

  7. what a great blog!
    I just surfed on & I am so glad I did. What a wonderful life you have! Thanks for sharing & for the wonderful pics!
    From a fellow cofee drinker & gardener.

  8. Are you going to keep the same tiles or going for a new style?

  9. Walt

    I nuke mine, especially on the week-ends when Hubby makes coffee at 7 am and I get up only at 8 ( he will switch off the coffee machine as soon as he finishes his two cups - his excuse the coffee becomes bitter after a while . With milk and sugar, I can drink it ( after all it's going to be 25 yrs in a couple of months :-) ).

  10. I can just hear the two of you, er, discussing this. Ken probably wouldn't object if he didn't catch you at it, so I'd say either get stealthier or use the microwave.

    I'm curious. What occasioned the return to coffee from your morning cuppa?


  11. Thanks for the morning laugh today, Walt! I'm not grossed out by your idea for keeping coffee hot. All the germs get reheated I bet.

    What about sharing a coke near the end of the can? We call the stuff near the bottom "after sips." I think I'd rather drink your re-warmed coffee than the after sips in the coke can;-)

  12. Pour your cold coffee out (especially if it's just a half a cup) and start over with fresh hot coffee. NO ONE should have to drink poured back spit coffee. Of course I'm from the Seattle area and coffee is like a religion here.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  13. OMG where do I start with this!???

    First off - I bet you never leave a glass of vino sitting around for long!

    Maybe I'm spoilt, but I don't fancy percolated coffee. I need some variation of the espresso. And then, how can you drink recycled coffee? Eeeek! I'm with Ken on this one.

  14. 1. Coffee reheated in the microwave isn't very good... it gets too bitter and strong and tastes burned, in my opinion.

    2. To keep my cup of coffee hot: I have a little cover that I put on the coffee cup after each sip... you'd be amazed at how much hotter the coffee stays. Mine happens to be a plastic lid to yogurt, but whatever works. I know they make some mugs with ceramic lids. That addresses both problems... no need to share spit!

    3. For those whose mate turns off the coffee to keep it from getting burned, I suggest getting a pourable thermos-style carafe like some restaurants use. We brew, then pour into the thermos, and our coffee stays hot and fresh for hours.

    I'm so glad you shared this little bit of life with us, Walt ;))


  15. This could be avoided if you gave up nasty coffee and started drinking proper drinks like tea!

  16. Well, I knew this would get some comments! Here's some additional info and answers to your questions:

    1. I drink my coffee black.

    2. We usually drink tea (although probably not the best teas of which ur-spo is a connoisseur). But sometimes we have a brief run with coffee.

    3. Microwaved coffee doesn't taste good (thanks Judy!). But I do microwave cold tea and it seems ok (I probably just lost ur-spo).

    4. There's not much left-over wine in our house. But if Ken switches from red to white before he's finished the red, he has no problem pouring from his glass into mine.

    5. I don't want to pour any coffee down the drain until we're done.

    6. Coffee is probably a better religion than any other.

    7. I'm too old to change my ways. :)

    Thanks for playing!

    stephen, thanks for dropping by!

    nadege, same style for the tiles.

  17. If you didn't want me to pour the rest of my red wine from my glass into yours, you'd just have to say so. So there. Besides, wine is a disinfectant.

    And as Susie, said, be stealthier about pouring the coffee back into the pot. What I don't know won't hurt me. And Evelyn's right, I'm sure the germs are killed when you pour the coffee back into the pot.

  18. This is absolutely hilarious. The thought of the two of you taking a gentle swipe at each other via your blogs. I suppose it saves on inflammatory conversations. Have much enjoyed your blog for quite some time, thank you, I really like what you write about but haven't been able to comment before. Apart from the spit coffee, I suspect that you might swig from the orange juice carton from the fridge! Thank you for all the enjoyable stories...particularly the 1000 blog.

  19. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh of the week!!


  20. well, walt, i'm with you on this one...and i confess, i do the exact same thing, but with tea. :)

    greg would be on ken's side and i'd have to give the same argument of living together for quite a long time although not nearly as long as you and ken.

  21. veronica, thanks for commenting! I don't swig from the orange juice carton, but now that you've given me the idea... ;)

    bettyann, we aim to please.

    tansy, I don't do it with tea for some reason; I use the microwave. I don't know why...

  22. Your 26 years comment hits home--We were away overnight once and somehow I had left my toothbrush out of my travel kit. Fritz offered me his and I hesitated for an instant. He smiled and said, "when you think of the things we've shared . . . " he didn't have to say anything else. :-)


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