Saturday, June 20, 2009

Window Box In June

The surfinias (trailing petunias) that we planted in the kitchen window box back in April are doing very well. We now have a brilliant box of color on the front of the house.

Summery flowers in the kitchen window box.

Summer arrives officially this weekend, but we've been enjoying summer-like weather for most of our spring. And Sunday, being the summer solstice, is also the day for la fête de la musique (summer music festival) all over France, as well as in many other countries.


  1. Beautiful window box! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    Will there be music in Saint Aignan for the fête de la musique?


  2. I love all those flowers boxes all over France. It is not that popular in the US (except at my place). When I book my next year trip to France, I will have to make sure it falls during "fete de la musique".
    By the way, I Googled "le Parisien publicite" and watch those funny ads. Hilarious!

  3. Things I love:
    window boxes in France & Italy
    WCS blog

    Thanks for the pics & the posts!

  4. your window box looks beautiful,have a great day....Barb

  5. Happy 1/2 birthday and Happy Wimbledon Eve!

  6. judy, thanks! There might be something, but I'm not sure. Many nearby towns, like Angé, have big things planned.

    nadege, I think window boxes in France are the antidote for the muted colors of the buildings.

    stephen, thanks!

    barb, you too!

    cheryl, merci!

  7. You say you've been enjoying Summer weather, but weren't your last two cookouts rained out? ;p

  8. evol, yes, they were. But in between it's been nice. :)


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