Friday, June 12, 2009

Can Can Chickens

This commercial cracks me up. So I used the PVR to roll back the tv and take a movie of it. I had my camera on its tripod, so the picture is steady, but the sound is not great. So turn up the volume to hear it, unless, of course, you're at work, then be careful...

Maybe I have just a little too much time on my hands?


  1. Makes ME want to eat chicken.

    What was before it, with all the beautiful text coming out of the pasta machine?

  2. evol, that's one of the channel's standard transitional graphics. The words say "tagliatelle" which is French for, well, tagliatelle.

    There are other spots, too. One has bubbles rising in a glass and each bubble is the word "bulle" (bubble) done in rounded text.

    It's all quite clever and pretty.

  3. Yes, I liked the rolling text too.

    I thought Gaulois were cigarettes but then realised the spelling is different at the end. (I'm not a French speaker.)

    Oddly, the word verification for this comment is plates!

  4. victor, yes, le gaulois is a guy, whereas cigarettes are feminine and plural so the word becomes les gauloises.

  5. I am a school music teacher and much to the bemusement of my pupils I sometimes play them a version of In the Mood,as sung by chickens, otherwise known as the Ray Stevens version of In the Mood.Walt,if you liked le gaulois you will completely split your sides with this one. You can find it on Youtube. Enjoy!

  6. Those poulette can canners are chouette! I love any kind of can can, but I never thought I see chickens doing a dance!

    Nah, you don't have too much time on your hands when you share stuff like this with your fan-fans.

  7. Cute!!

    Does Ken know you have this much fun when he's away for the day?!



  8. That is a cute ad. I must say that my son loves to watch french commercials when we are in France. When they are good, they are very good.

  9. veronica, I couldn't find Ray's video, but there were several compilations that used the song. I do remember it, though!

    evelyn, I thought the whole concept of chickens doing the can-can as and ad for drumstick snacks was hilarious. But then, I'm kinda twisted that way...

    peter, I thought it might be up on youtube -- practically everything is these days.

    bettyann, yes, and he's usually thankful to be away!

    nadege, I think they used to be better. They're more, well, commercial nowadays. Or maybe I'm just used to them? ;)


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