Sunday, June 07, 2009

Vegetable Garden Tour

I know you've been waiting for it. So here it is. The June Vegetable Garden Tour! It's still early in the year, but here, for your viewing pleasure, is a sampling of the vegetable garden so far. And turn on your sound 'cause there's a little narration.

My apologies if you can't see everything, but compressing the movie for the web makes it smaller. The eggplants are still little, so they're hard to see. They should get much larger and lusher as the next few weeks go by.

We've already got some tiny tomatoes, and most of the tomato plants have blossoms already. If the weather cooperates, we should have a good crop starting in July. After I made the movie, I went back and watered everything. It looks better wet than dry. Oh well.

This makes me think that I should do an update video in a few weeks. What do y'all think?


  1. I did enjoy it.

    Watching, or rather listening to, your video and hearing you talking about tomatoes ('to-may-toes') I was reminded of a conversation I had just this week with another Australian on the subject of New York accents.

    She used to order a roll for lunch everyday with ingredients that included tomatoes but was never given the tomatoes because the New Yorkers did not understand her saying 'to-mah-toes'.

  2. It all looks great! I cannot wait until I own a nice home with some land so I can start a little garden.

  3. Walt, the garden looks terrific. Please do an update later in the season - I'm taking notes. At the moment I have to satisfy my vegetable gardening interests by watching your garden grow.

  4. Yes, please do! Such fun, the garden tour! I'm pleased that Callie was part of it, too :))


  5. loved the garden tour....and to think all i've got is 2 mater plants

  6. What a treat to hear your voice and look at your victory garden!
    Nice to listen to the birds in the background too. Any room for raspberries...? What on earth are you going to do with all the to"may"toes?

  7. It would be great to see all the veg when they're ready to harvest. Well done for all your hard work. The "toe may toes" made me laugh. I don't hear a good USA accent too often. Reminds me of an old song, but can't remember exactly which one about "you say toe may toes, I say tomartoes".....

  8. Walt, I think your garden and video look great. But my friend C. wonders what you are going to do with all those tomatoes: 37 plants means an awful lot of tomatoes? Martine

    P.S. Jean, I think that the song you are referring to is by Gershwin, sung by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the 1936 musical: 'Shall we dance'. You'll find the lyrics here:
    It's an cute exemple of the difference between UK and US English.

  9. Well I miss having a large yard, at least for the gardening opportunities. When I lived in Berkeley I had a big yard and we grew a lot of things. For now I'll have to be content with my plants on my terrace in Toulouse.

    I got out of the habit of posting garden pictures but I loved your little video. I have a lemon tree that is supposedly 4 seasons qu'il pousse les citrons maintenant.

    I have a couple of red and yellow bell pepper plants that are showing fruit.

    A few tomatoes, and even some groseille on the vine. Lots more plants but that is all that is showing for now.

    I did pick some fraise du bois in a friends garden this morning and I am eating them right now, mmmmm.

  10. Federer won. Congratulations!

  11. This is gonna get competitive :-)

  12. Great video, Walt, thanks! And Yes, please make another when the gardens are at their next stage.

    As far as I'm concerned, you pronounced every word of your narrative perfectly! ;-)


  13. We've had very good garden years and very bad garden years here in Saint-Aignan since 2004. It's mostly about weather. You do the same work every year, and you get completely different results.

    BettyAnn, you didn't think Walt's NY accent came through a little bit strong? (Just kidding.)

  14. Walt, put me down for a jar of toe-may-toe chutney - you are going to have some spare!!!

    The problem with mixed yeilds is becaus you are growing Ameican veg in a French garden. Where are the petit pois, (h)aricot vets, poirvrons, epinards and choux, etc?

    Seriously though its looking super and I'm just a lot jealous!


  15. Nick could be right. That's an awful lot of tomatoes. We have a few empty Bon Maman jars we can let you have (saved for the day when I might have time to make chutney - a long way off yet).
    (word verification is piddl - is someone at Blogger taking the p...?)

  16. Thanks for all the great comments! Forgive me if I don't address each one individually this time...

    A few items:

    We have so many tomatoes because every seed I planted came up. I just planted them all. We've had super crops before and we'll make sauce and freeze it.

    I know the american stuff (okra, corn, etc.) probably won't do well, but we're experimenting. Other american stuff, like tomatoes, beans, and greens do great.

    We do have chard, haricots, and poivrons, and aubergine, all from french seeds. Not to mention the radishes we had.

    There's a whole lot of volunteer cilantro/coriander coming up, too, from previous years.

    And about my accent. I'm not from NYC, but NYState. I lived in DC for 4 years, and San Francisco for nearly 18 years. PLUS, I live with a southerner (for more than 26 years now). My accent is very different from what it once was. Be happy about that.

  17. I hope you don't think we were being rude about your accent - it's very fetching - I was only teasing. No offence intended. Mine is slow north country, often mocked and mimicked, but it's part of who I am so that's fine. I would say "t'marters".

  18. I enjoyed the tour but the guide could have been a bit more hands Where did the pooch go? Good looking garden. That is a lot of food if all goes well. Hot and dry here as well. Cutting worms love the squash.

  19. I am mad jealous! oh how I miss growing tomatoes!
    I want to know though what sort of tomatoes - what varieties and what will you do with all the toms?

  20. jean, not to worry! I take no offense whatsoever. I'm fascinated by accents.

    cj/rick, callie was there in the last frame!

    urspo, there are many varieties, from tomatillo to beefsteak to cherry. We'll make sauce and freeze it, if we get a good crop, which is not always guaranteed...

  21. Walt, I really enjoyed your video of your beautiful garden. And I also really loved hearing all the birds in the background - did I hear a cukoo? You're going to have some good meals coming up.

    Thanks for letting us in on the progress!

    Donna in SF

  22. Butternut squash? They're pumpkins! ;p

    Great video!

  23. I'm late to watching this, but it's great. Quite a lot you guys have going on this year, but it'll keep you busy and in food for a long time. Everyone's commenting on the tomatoes, but I think you have a lot of eggplant (aubergine?), too. It's all good, and I know you'll make good use of it.

    About pronunciation... of course, I say to-may-to (and you sounded perfectly normal to me, Walt, don't mind those Europeans), and I've also heard to-mah-to. But my mother-in-law introduced a new one to me when I married Mitch 22 years ago. She says "to-MAT-to." I'd never heard this before, but now I'm used to it when I hear her say it. Language is fascinating!

  24. Very nice blog, Walt.
    You hooked me when you showed the spot where the sweet corn will be coming up! I've got to get my family to give me a bigger space for vegetables, then next year, I'll try some corn, too. Where do you get the seeds? in France?
    Ellen (via Ken, via the Pierwige)


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