Monday, June 22, 2009

The Garden Tour, Part Deux

So yes, I promised you another video of the vegetable garden. And here it is. I am not responsible for, well, ok, yes I am.

Ken and CHM both say that the me you see in this video is not the real me. I wonder who else it could be? Looks like me to me. What do you think?

I must say that, at the beginning when I say that "we are the twenty one June," well, that's just me mixing up English with French syntax. As I always say, I'm illiterate in two languages.

I must also say, if it is not evident, that a few glasses of wine were consumed just prior to the making of this video. And, as if that's not enough, I took the camera with me on my walk with Callie in the vineyard. You may well see the resulting video tour of the vineyard over the next few days.


  1. Love the videos! Anxiosly awaiting the "Lassie...oops...Callie Come Home" episode".

    BTW, a couple of weeks ago, I had an experience much the same with our very beloved old Springer Spaniel as you had with Collette...she died in my arms in the back seat of the car just as we arrived at the emergency vet. She had a heart attack at age 12 1/2. We got her 3 years ago from a jerk who had her since she was a puppy. It seems he had a new girlfriend who didn't like dogs so he surrendered her to the Rescue Group I am in. He clearly got rid of the wrong girl. She was a real sweetheart (the dog, I mean). I thought of you at the time and how much better it was to have her go in her time, not one I would decide for her. But it still hurts like hell.

  2. Good luck with the work on the deck ... and the cleaning afterwards. Breaking up tiles makes an awful lot of dust! Martine

  3. what will you do with all the tomatoes?

    do you plant your own herbs such as basil etc??

    nice hobby

  4. Bill in NH, that's a touching story about your dog, and I'm glad that you were there with her.

    Walt, nice job on the video :) The plants DO look lush! Can't wait to see what corn you end up with, and hear if it is tasty!


  5. LOL, we are the 21 June. French is corrupting your English. (Much as it has mine.)

    Thanks for the tour!

  6. p.s. Walt... I didn't mention the olive oil that's in the tomato salad I described yesterday... it's a pretty traditional recipe, anyway, but I hadn't ever heard of the cooking of the juices, or the adding of a touch of sugar to bring out the flavor.


  7. Walt,

    I apologise for my previous message. I didn't mean to open an old wound on a beautiful summer day (or any other). Again, I'm sorry, it was thoughtless of me.

  8. Oooops!!! The previous message was from me.

    Bill in NH

  9. Look out we come!!

  10. I have been following your blog, and Ken's for about 3 years now. I live in lower Mississippi and was having the same problems with my tomatoes as you were having last season. i have no tomatoes this year, I'll just hit the farmers market.

  11. I have the same sort of tomato stakes. they are quite lovely in their way.

    My guru Carolyn Male does not pinch suckers, feeling all branches help with growth.

  12. bill, sorry about your loss. It's nice to know that she had a good home at the end. And there's no need to apologize at all, your story was not the least bit insensitive.

    martine, most of the dust came from the rotary saw he used to cut the grout!

    dale, tomato sauce! Yes, we have basil, parsley, mint, coriander, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and tarragon in the garden.

    judy, we too are anxious about the corn. I'll be sure to write about it!

    tornwordo, thanks, or merci, or something comme ça. ;)

    alewis, I don't think Johnny Depp has anything to worry about.

    kendall, I know how disappointing it is when the garden doesn't produce the way you expect it to. But it's good that you have access to a farmers market!

    urspo, aren't they cool? That's interesting about the suckers. Is Carolyn a friend? I suppose I could "google" her...


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