Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Dry. It hasn't rained in a week and the garden is finally getting the chance to dry out a bit. We had 96 mm (just under four inches) of rain during the month of May, which is well over the local average of about 60 mm. Things were starting to get a little soggy out there.

Some of last years plants, still standing after winter.

Right now we're having a series of crisp, sunny, and dry days. Heaven! But this being France, we know the rain will be back soon enough. Still, the garden and the plants are enjoying the respite.

So are we!


  1. Walt check out this photo of a clay tennis court in front of Paris city hall Glad you had nice weather. I just hope it doesn't get too hot in July. I am renting a car with air conditionning just in case. Actually french cars probably come with air nowdays or maybe not since they still don't have automatic transmission.

  2. Nadège

    You can have A?C on rentals in France. We had AC with the Peugeot we rented last June for our trip to Burgundy and Haute Vaucluse - we were thankful because it was hot in the South.

  3. that is an intriguing photo.

  4. nadege, I did see that! Cool! We rented a car in Paris in 2003 (during the big heat wave) and the rental guy assured us it had air. It didn't.

    beaver, probably most come with it these days. But I'd still verify before taking the car out.

    urspo, thanks. I think. ;)

  5. I read that only 6% of the cars in America have a manual transmission. And in France it's the opposite: only 6% of the cars have an automatic transmission.

    But these days, nearly all cars have air conditioning. Many have automatic AC, where you just set a temperature and the system does the rest to make you comfortable. That's what our 2001 Peugeot 206 has. And a manual transmission. But no cruise control.

  6. I keep forgetting to visit, but love that you are living in France, possibly the most civilized place on earth.
    Green with envy, always.
    We have been having hot weather too, and like there, get more than our share, normally of rain, so the hot weather is appreciated..


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