Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deck Tour

I often refer to our "deck" in the blog. Some of you have been here and know what I'm talking about. But for those of you who haven't (yet) been here, the deck is just off the living room. Our living space in the house is on the floor above ground level; it's called the first floor in France, but in the US it would be called the second floor. So here's a little video that shows what we see from the deck.

I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. WOW!! What a HUGE difference some SUN makes in the picture!! We'll be right over! heheheh Happy Sunday to you guys! Leese et Alex

  2. Lovely. There's something about the song of a blackbird (merle) that really sums up summer weather, for me. Somewhere I have an ancient 78 of one of those "peppy" 20s songs
    "C'est l'amour
    Qui fait siffler les merles..."

  3. Lovely and so peaceful!

  4. Thank you! Wishing you many more lovely, sunny, summer days.


  5. Oh, wow! It seems like I run out of superlatives to use in my comments on your blog, and Ken's :) Thanks so much for the wonderful little video. Soooo peaceful and sunny and lush and green and breezy and inviting! Enjoy!

  6. my goodness - green things! trees! and familiar things too! Who knew France had some things?
    I don't see any Gaul signs though

  7. leesa, yes, it's right nice around here in good weather!

    autolycus, it's funny but we don't have these blackbirds in the US. The closest thing, I think, is the American robin. But it's red-breasted and not black.

    evol, yep, that's how I feel about you guys in December.

    nadege, usually, unless the tractors are plying the vineyard, then there's a bit of noise ;)

    bettyann, thanks, we need all the help we can get!

    judy, y'all should come visit one of these days!

    urspo, yes, lots of things. They're called "les choses de la vie." :)

  8. I'm suddenly consumed by a desire to sit on your deck and drink wine. How appropriate that my word verification is mingle.

  9. How beautifully serene and tranquil is your environment? Completely different from my urban surrounds with the wail of emergency vehicle sirens through the night.


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