Friday, June 26, 2009

Deck Repair, Part Two

The deck work is done. Now we're cleaning and performing the water test. Once the old tiles were cleaned, the match between old and new is even better. So we're pretty happy about that.

All the middle tiles have been removed. Down to the original surface.

I still have half the deck to clean, but I've been watching tennis on tv and moving pretty slowly. We did pour some water on the new part of the deck and the puddling problem is pretty much gone. There is still, however, a little water incursion in one spot. We need some rain to see how bad it will actually get.

A leveling undercoat was put down.

In other news, we got our taxes done and submitted on Thursday. Nothing like waiting right up until the last minute, is there? And we need to head over to the bank to pick our our new ATM cards before our old ones expire on the 30th.

The new tiles, grouted in.

We also got the forms for our carte de séjour renewal. Ken's going to call the préfecture to ask them about the ten year cards before we actually send the paperwork back. This will be our sixth annual renewal, so we've been here long enough to qualify for the ten year card. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Yay for 10 year cards! I hope yours goes smoothly! :)

  2. A belated comment on "The Couscous Lunch" featuring an all-star cast.

    I have come to realize that every European movie that I have really enjoyed had at least one scene of a mixed bag of characters having a happy drunken lunch "alfresco".

    This was no exception.

    Actually, in most of these scenes, some old uncle stands up and moons the group. The censors must have cut this from yours.

  3. Thank goodness W. cut that scene. I could have been embarrassed (pun intended) worldwide.

  4. heh heh heh heh :)) You guys are too silly!

    Looks great on the terrace! 10-year cards! Sounds like something that would make things go easier for you in many paperwork ways, eh?

    Still in shock about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Whew.


  5. I don't think I've ever seen you embarrassed, Ken;-)

    Bill, thanks for the laugh. My condolences on the recent death of your dog. We lost our 14 year old poodle a few months ago and are still grieving.

  6. vivi, I sure hope so!

    bill, yes, our lives resemble a French movie in many ways: they ramble along with no obvious point, everybody talks about nothing in particular, there's lots of food and wine, and they seem to go on endlessly.

    judy, yes, ten-year cards would save a lot of hassle (not really that much) with copying and printing documents every year.

    evelyn, but there's so much opportunity!

  7. do have some sort of ritual to welcome the new porch.

  8. Good luck on the 10 year Carte de Séjours! If the worst sous-préfecture in France (Béziers) will give us ours, then you should have no problems.

  9. And speaking of scorchers... we're having CRAZY hot temps for June, even for St. Louis. We've had about a week of close to 100° (37 °C), packed with high humidity, and it's just AWFUL out. I think we're supposed to get a break starting Sunday, going back down into the mid 80s (around 29° C). We usually don't get this weather until July and August. Yikes.


  10. I like the idea of celebrating the new deck with a ritual. Sounds like fun!

    Judy, you are getting a break from the heat because you are sending it to me in eastern NC. It will be 97 here tomorrow!


  11. urspo, we inaugurated it with a glass of wine!

    loulou, gosh I hope you're right. We'll see!

    judy, yikes is right! That's hot!

    bettyann, one must have little rituals in life. As long as they don't take over. :)

  12. just a glass of wine? ohh what a letdown....


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