Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Photo

Our new friend Linda took this picture of us in early September. We were in the Auvergne, in Cantal, visiting the cows and the cheese makers. Thanks, Linda!

Walt, Callie, and Ken in Cantal.

We had some sad news on Thursday. A friend of ours passed away in the night. He was young, only 52 years old. He suffered a heart attack and died in his sleep. We are very sad. He was a friend and a neighbor, someone we met very soon after we moved here back in 2003. We will miss him.

Our thoughts are with his family -- we know his father, who's also a neighbor, and we've met his sisters and his son, who live in Paris -- as well as with his companion, a British woman with whom we've become friends over the past few years.

Life is short. Shorter for some than for others. But still.

Rest in peace, Jean-Luc.


  1. First of all, I love the picture of you, Ken, and Callie.

    Secondly, I'm very sorry to hear you have lost a wonderful friend. I'm sure his family appreciates all of your love.

    Donna in SF

  2. Walt, I'm sorry for the sudden loss of your young friend.

    On another note, the picture of the three of you is grand!

  3. very nice family photo--i didn't recognize you guys without a verre de vin!

    my condolences.

  4. Yes, it is a lovely photo-- with the sad news of your friend Jean-Luc's passing, it is especially poignant to see a happy photo to remind us to appreciate the happiness we have in our lives.


  5. So sorry, Walt, to hear this news.

    You have to live to enjoy every day. Just in case.

    The photo is lovely.


  6. I'm so sorry to hear your news. And it makes me even more concerned because I'm within just a few years of 52 -- and that my father had two heart attacks in his early-mid 50's. Ugh. Many good thoughts going out to you and your friends and neighbors today.

    And the picture is priceless --perfect!

  7. A beautiful photo of all of you.

    We're thinking of you and Ken today. I'm so sorry that you lost a friend.

  8. Beautiful pic.

    very sad news. I am sorry for your loss Walt.

  9. Great picture of the three of you.
    Sad about your friend.

  10. Oh... that is very sad news! I am sorry that you lost your friend and neighbour... Finding comfort that he didn't suffer and he went peacefully, but still it's so sad and it doesn't make it any easier to lose someone, especially someone who is young like that. I send my thoughts and prayers to his family and send them prayers for strength in time of mourning.
    Take care,

  11. We lost a friend too, this week - just 63.

    We don't know what lies around the corner and so should make the most of every day.

  12. If you have to leave .... it's a peaceful way to go. Sorry for your and your villages loss.

    Love the family portrait.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  13. I want to join the others is wishing condolences.
    Also, the photo is very sweet.

  14. Linda took a good picture of you guys- she is a good photographer.

    I'm sorry to hear about Jean Luc's passing. I'm glad you were able to share some good times with him- nothing can take those memories away.

  15. Thanks to everybody for the kind comments. It's been a weird couple of days. We spent some time Thursday and Friday with our friend S., Jean-Luc's companion, and she's had a parade of visitors in and out of the house non-stop since Thursday morning. We baked a quiche for her so she wouldn't have to think about making food. And a girlfriend of hers has come down from the UK to spend the weekend.

  16. Evelyn will understand what I mean when I say that Linda must have been snorting when she took that picture of us!


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