Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Familiar View

This is the view I see on my daily walks with Callie. It's on the way back toward the house about halfway from the point at which we turn around. Not only can you see our house from there, but you can also see the right bank of the Cher River rising up in the distance.

Click on the image to see it full size.

Beyond the horizon lies the valley of the Loire River near the city of Blois. The area between the two rivers contains many vineyards and other agricultural lands, some large forests, a good number of châteaux, and several small towns.

It's a pretty place up there. I should get out and take some pictures one of these days.


  1. Thanks, Walt, for the wishes. Ken's blog reminds me of the bittersweet day you called me from France to say you had put an offer in on a house. I was so happy for you... and so sad that we were going to be so far away from each other.

    But it all turned out ok. I know you two are now happy as clams (and how happy is a clam?). And I have a wonderful excuse to visit France as often as possible.

    There is snow in the mountains here. It's my birthday and the coldest day of the season so far. MFB. BTW, I got your card. Thanks!


  2. Lucky dog! Oh and you too, Ken!

  3. One of the earth's finest places, it looks like. Perfect.

  4. It does look nice, but I'm a city boy, through and through.

  5. where are all the palm trees, cacti, and mountains?

  6. cheryl, it was good to chat yesterday! Hope dinner was fun!

    judy, I'm sure she'll appreciate the wishes!

    suzanne, Callie loves her walks, that's true!

    alewis, we really like it here.

    starman, I used to say that, too.

    michael, look outside your windows. ;)


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