Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Cactus. The christmas cacti are doing their annual thing right now. It's pretty cool, since these plants came from one we actually found in the house when we moved in. It was just barely hanging on; the house had been unoccupied for a while. But Ken divided and encouraged them and they have grown and bloomed faithfully for the last few years.

The bathroom cactus.

Whenever a segment or section breaks off, it gets rooted in water and planted again. In French, these plants are called schlumbergera or cactus de noël. This one is in the bathroom of our house, in a northwestern corner. No direct sun, but plenty of light, and it gets the humidity from our daily showers.

Another blossom.

We have another one, much bigger, on the staircase. It, too, gets good light without getting any direct sun. It's in the same flowery state right now.


  1. These are one of my all time favorites! Just beautiful.

  2. Very pretty! I have never had any but always enjoy their beautiful blooms when I see them at the nursery.

  3. That's really lovely. I neglected mine this year, and it shows. Fortunately, it's tough (and about 40 years old) and I can try again next year.

  4. Such a lovely colour. Very cheery for dismal winter days.

  5. comes to Arizona where we have these aplenty.

  6. suzanne, yes, and I'm always kind of surprised when they actually bloom!

    nadege, why don't you get yourself one?

    chris, wow, 40 years! That's amazing.

    jean, I agree.

    michael, I'll check the mail for the airline ticket today.

  7. Walt our christmas cacti are long since over their blooming period. They are one of my favorite indoor plants to see bloom, but the pollen the spread is an unfortunate nuisance.


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