Thursday, December 17, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

It's a little out of focus. And a little ferocious. But that sums up Callie perfectly. Except for the ferocious part.

Callie's pearly whites.

We had a little photo session the other day. Most of the photos came out blurry. A combination of her moving around too much and the low light. But I kind of liked this one. So there you are.


  1. Cool shot of Callie.. but where are you SNOW pics??!!!!

  2. Beautiful dog and always well groomed. Would you be happy if it snowed?

  3. She is a fine looking canine & I really like this aprticular photo.
    "A little bit ferocious & a little out of focus"... that sounds like me!

  4. leesa, there on for Friday!

    jean, dontcha love it?

    suzanne, :)

    nadege, groomed? hahahahahaha!

    stephen, you have much in common! Wait, do you pee outside?


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