Monday, December 28, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

Don't you just love holiday weekends? Callie does. Especially when it involves napping on my bed.

Notice the tongue sticking out.

Of course, pretty much every day is a holiday for dogs.


  1. Having met Callie earlier this year, it's "noyse" to get updates.

  2. Don't dogs improve our lives? This was our first Christmas with the Grandpup Rosie- she was so much fun!

  3. I just did notice the tongue sticking out... so stinkin' cute :))

    What is the story on the apple butter photo?


  4. Does Callie sleep with her eyes open? Always anxious to experience something new.

  5. Callie is thinking, "he's not going to make me move is he? I just got comfy..."

  6. I like the tousled fur - kind of a canine version of "bed head".

  7. leesa, thanks! I wanted to get her eyes closed, but she opened them just as I was about to press the shutter button.

    leon & sue, there will be more, I'm sure!

    mark, and she likes to sleep there at night, too.

    evelyn, actually, they're kind of in charge!

    judy, it's a trademark of hers! I took the photo of the apple butter at a local produce farm outside Albany on my last trip.

    martine, no - she opened them at the last moment.

    suzanne, right! And I didn't make her move.

    john, yes, very elegant, don't you think? :)

  8. That is SO cute! I miss my Burton!

  9. Hello les amis,
    Toujours aussi mignonne Callie :o)

  10. It's a dog's life after all.
    I look forward to getting my first dog in 2010.

  11. Aah..another Border Collie bed hog. Who needs hairless quilts anyway?!

    After all, shaking out comforters and quilts is our life.


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