Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vineyard Snow Views

A few more views of the snow, taken on Friday. We're feeling a little boxed in by the season. The days are dark and short, the nights darker and long. We're catching up on watching some of our favorite tv series on DVD and things we've recorded on the PVR.

The point where the dirt road (right) meets the paved (left).

Otherwise, there's not much to do but cook and eat, deal with laundry, tend the fire, and clean the house. I suppose the highlight of the day for each of us, aside from lunch, is our regular walk with the dog. One of us goes in the morning, and the the other in the evening. We switch on and off so that we both get morning and evening duty.

Pruned vines in the snow.

The walk gets us out into the air, gives us good exercise, and of course Callie loves it. We also get to take photos, depending on the weather and light conditions.

The little pond behind our house is frozen.

The solstice is near and soon we'll start to feel the days lengthening. But we've got the darkest and coldest days of the year to get through first. Now where did I put that remote?


  1. The frozen pond makes me want to get out my ice skates.. yes, they are still in my garage... who knows why??? The pond looks big in the photo, but I know in reality it's not as big as it looks!
    Stay warm!

  2. Walt,
    The remote is down behind the cushions on the couch. That's right, I forgot that you don't have layabout sons.
    It's actually where I find my coffee money, but don't tell my sons.

  3. What a cute angelic boy ¡¡¡¡¡
    Thank you for the pics :-)

  4. When the weather is so cold, you really appreciate your little nest. You were such a cute little boy; are you doing anything special for your birthday?

  5. I just love these snowy photos of your house and neighborhood :)


    p.s. Is there a steak au poivre in your near future???

  6. I love seeing the angel side of you;-) My nephew who lives in San Francisco was born in '59 when I was 14.

    Dog walking is good for us, non? We'll be keeping our grandpup, Rosie soon. She likes to get dirty still, so we'll be busy hosing her off.

    No snow in Alabama, but my brother in N. VA has a record amount for December.

  7. We just got 13" of snow on the Connecticut shoreline. Looks like a white Christmas for us this year. Love the little angel photo from 1962, how cute. I have one on my blog from the same year.

  8. My am I behind on the blogging world, but the Christmas season is making me want to get back in touch.

    We have had quite the snowfall here and cold, cold temps, like 10 below zero C! This weekend was beautiful though as the sun came out on the snow...

    Hope you are both well.

  9. We set off to deliver the usual batch of presents to Nick's family via his mother and had to turn back. It was snowing heavily and cars were skidding all over the place. The round trip to get nowhere took 90 minutes. So we'll have to try again another day.

    The good thing about having a dog is that you have to take some exercise even though you might not feel like least it boosts the appetite.!!

    Birthday wishes must be in order about now, Walt. We really hope it is/was a good one !!

  10. Walt, the first two pics are divine.

  11. Otherwise, there's not much to do but cook and eat, deal with laundry, tend the fire, and clean the house. I suppose the highlight of the day for each of us, aside from lunch...

    that sounds lovely; I would take this over anything.


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