Friday, December 11, 2009

St.-Aignan By Night

On Wednesday evening, Ken and I went into town for pizza and wine with our friend S. She recently moved back into town after leaving the house that she and her partner had rented. Since J.-L. died, S. has done an amazing job of dealing with the former house and its contents.

The church in St.-Aignan.

We parked on the main square in town and I started taking pictures. I brought my tripod along to make it easier to keep the camera steady in the low light. Then we met at S.'s house for drinks and pizza. The pizzeria is right across the place from her house.

Ken, S., and D. in the living room enjoying a glass.

She and J.-L. worked on restoring the house and they planned to sell it. But since the market is a bit soft, they had been renting it as a vacation house. Now she'll live in it for a while.

Holiday lights in St.-Aignan.

St.-Aignan is decorated for the holidays and I'll show you some of starting tomorrow. But for now these few photos will have to do.


  1. I'm really looking forward to more "Christmas in St-Aignan" photos.

    It won't be long before we can enjoy the same in LGP. Hooray.

  2. Mr Mo looks very comfy on his cushion. I hope he is settling in to the new accommodation.

  3. Saint Aignan at Christmas... it looks so... French! I'll enjoy seeing more photos of town dressed up for Noël :)
    Tonight we're going for a drive through a Winter Wonderland kind of place. It's about 35 acres of lights and decorations for Christmas. We've never been before, so we thought we'd try it this year. Tomorrow, it's "Carols in the Garden"at our Missouri Botanical Garden. They have a beautiful display of wreaths, and there will be indoor and outdoor spots with carolers, some dressed in period costumes. It's a lovely event!

    I'm glad that S. is managing well :)

  4. I completely adore your photography. I've been wondering something for a long time and don't know how to ask without being rude. I'm going to ask today and just beg your forgiveness for any rudeness.

    Do you have exceptional photography skills and ordinary camera equipment?

    Or do you have ordinary skills and exceptional equipment?

    Or do you have both exceptional skills and equipment?

  5. Judy you made me laugh (unintentionally). As I was reading your comment a bit too fast, I was thinking "Carlos in the garden? they must have a large Mexican community there", until I got to "carolers" and I realized my mistake. My aging brain cells play tricks on me. At least I amuse myself and I get a good laugh out of my silliness.

  6. Thank you for this...& again, I am sorry for your loss. I can't tell you how much I love your photos.
    What a magical life you have!
    Give Callie a rub for me.

  7. I was noticing your photo of the "pricey leeks in New York". How much are they in Saint-Aignan? I'll have to check them when we get to Paris and compare.

  8. jean, today's your day!

    keir, he's a very laid back dog. Callie was bouncing around the room playing with his toys.

    judy, sounds like a big excursion!

    larry, thanks, but I'm afraid I have both ordinary skills and ordinary equipment. My camera's a Panasonic Lumix FZ-7. I did take a photography class in college...

    nadege, Carlos in the garden might be interesting...

    stephen, thanks! Sometimes the life seems rather ordinary. But when I stop to think about it, I feel very lucky. Callie will enjoy her rub!

    starman, leeks are pretty cheap, depending on the time of year and the weather. They're often about 50 cents a pound.


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