Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sky On Fire

A gratuitous view of our Saturday evening sunset. The sun rose on Saturday morning at 8:41 and set at 5:09 that afternoon. That's eight and a half hours.

Click on the picture for the full effect.

It feels like even less when the sky is overcast. But Saturday was brilliantly clear and it felt good. A few wispy clouds late in the day were responsible for this view from the bedroom window. Today, Sunday, we'll enjoy one additional minute of daylight.


  1. Fantastic pic, could be an Aussie sunset as well.
    Over the hump and looking towards spring soon Walt.

  2. Gorgeous sunset! Walt, I made a pizza from scratch yesterday. I put the dough directly on top of the stone. With a salad and pineapple for desert, it was a healthy dinner.

  3. For some reason, I'm a fan of long nights and short days -- the colors of the sky change, the clouds and sun look differently.

  4. Hope you enjoyed that minute. Beautiful photo!

  5. Beautiful sunset. I'm already looking forward to longer days and warm weather.

  6. leon & sue, yes! yes!

    nadege, cool! What did you top it with?

    alewis, it's pretty, for sure. I also like long warm days when I can sit outside until midnight!

    mark, there will be more minutes as we move toward summer!

    mark in de, moi aussi!

    susan, thanks!


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