Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ode To November

Well, I took these photos last week, so I can't really call them December pictures. Here's what the vineyard is looking like these days. Not a lot of activity out there, but I do see people here and there working on replacing posts and pruning.

A typical fall view in the vineyard.

November was very wet and windy. Since we really need the rain, nobody is complaining, and the temperatures have been pretty darned mild. But now that it's December, I keep thinking it should be getting cold.

Bare vines waiting to be pruned.

January is normally our coldest month, but December and February are close seconds. During these three months the vine pruning will pick up and by the end of February the vineyard will be neat and tidy, ready for the spring growth.

Threatening sky.

Some of the growers burn their prunings as they go. Others line the clippings neatly in between the rows. Once the pruning is done they drive a tractor through with a mulcher attached. Callie will be bringing home dead vine trunks all during the winter.


  1. That little stick-gathering habit of Callie's is just so charming :)

  2. I may have said it before, but I'm a huge fan of very late fall/early winter. When it's nice and cold, the sky has "that look" about it....and there are no leaves left. Umm.......

  3. Love the light in those shots.

  4. There's more than meets the eye in a bottle of wine.

  5. Do you get much snow where you live?

  6. judy, and it's practical, too! We burn the wood.

    alewis, me too!

    torn, the light is very nice this time of year. And it must also be where you are... I believe you're even farther north than us.

    starman, that's for sure!

    michael, not very much. It snows a few times a year, but it rarely sticks. Last year we got about six inches in one storm and that lasted about a week, and it was unusual.


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