Friday, December 18, 2009

It Snowed

Thursday was our day. They weather people predicted snow and darned if they weren't right. It started with light flurries mid-morning. I made pizza for lunch and I was working with crust and preparing the toppings.

Looking out the kitchen window, across the road to our neighbors' house.

As time went on the snowfall got heavier. It was really beautiful and put me in a winter mood. We started a fire just before we put the pizzas into the oven and enjoyed our lunch while the snow fell.

Cyclamens in the cold frame on the deck.

It snowed off and on most of the day. When I took Callie out for her walk just after four o'clock the snow had pretty much tapered off, but we had between two and three centimeters on the ground (about an inch). Not much by most winter standards, but a good snowfall for around here.

Part of the back yard and the vineyard, and a neighbor driving out.

Callie and I made the first prints in the new fallen snow out in the vineyard, aside from the occasional bird. I watched football on tv and decorated our christmas tree while it snowed. All in all, a very pretty day.

I just noticed that Ken posted similar photos on his blog today. There are only so many views from our windows!


  1. Yes, but since we're not there... it's nice to see your views...
    It was snowing but now the sun is coming out! Wow! Now that's a sight for sore eyes!!!!

  2. Walt, the hedges look so neat with white speckles on them.

  3. I never tire of the view from your windows of la belle France.

  4. Oh a fired and a pizza, that sounds like my perfect kind of evening!

  5. Looks gorgeous. We don't get snow in Sydney.

  6. Snow makes me anxious. How bad will it be....will I be able to get home....will I be able to get to work....what if I get to work and can't get home....what if I fall and break my wrist again like I did a few years ago....all very worrying. Snow is only good in photos.

  7. judy, actually, there are more views to the north!

    leesa, sun? You got sun? :)

    beaver, and they're so expertly trimmed! ;)

    evelyn, neither do I. I'm already looking forward to spring views, though.

    justin, don't forget the wine!

    victor, too close to the warming influence of the ocean, I'm sure.

    mark, thanks! Wish we had a nice new master bath suite to go with it! ;)

    jean, I know that feeling very well, but I don't have to feel that way any more!

  8. oh how lovely to see some snow !


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