Sunday, December 06, 2009


Believe it or not, there are still some grapes hanging on out in the vineyard. They're not wine grapes, or at least they're not grapes that are harvested for wine. They are on more or less decorative vines up against the old cabane du vingeron (a stone storage shed).

Grapes becoming raisins in the sun.

They'll eventually be pruned by the guy who owns the shed, but not until much later in the pruning season when all the other vines have been taken care of. When we have our first hard freeze, the last grapes will rot and fall away.

During late summer and early fall, people who walk or bike out in the vineyard will stop to pick and eat a few of these grapes.

Yes, I have.


  1. Pity us, Walt. We'll be missing the longest days of summer 2010 watching soccer/football for a month. Everything else is neglected while we try to watch at least half the group play and every one of the knockout games. The unwatched half of the group play will be taped to watch later.

    Hmmm. Don't we know someone who's a tennis nut, glued to his TV or even in the stands at Roland Garros under an umbrella? Can't think of his name for the moment....

  2. Oh yeah, those babies will hang on until the bitter end. I saw roses still in bloom yesterday in mid-30s temperatures.

  3. Our top story forEVER now, it seems, is the Tiger and Elin Woods argument & his affairs. I'm SO SO SO sick of the intrusive nature of our media. If he were someone who constantly made judgmental and holier-than-thou comments about marriage and fidelity, then I'd see why they'd focus on it... but,'s NONE of our business.

    What do you think of the Amanda Knox conviction? I'm shocked.

    p.s. I loved those photos in the last post!

    p.p.s. Is Dec. 21st the big 50?


  4. Walt, I like how you always keep away from the controversy and leave it to Ken (lol). At least on long winter days, the posts and comments are entertaining. 10 people, 10 different opinions. The problem is when someone think they are right (of course, I am not thinking of Steven Hawking).

  5. Bill in Snowy NH07 December, 2009 05:17

    Judy, the "big" 50! Boy, I wish I had that to look forward to. I barely remember it. :-)

  6. carolyn, it's not the watching that I'm complaining about, it's the news coverage of the draw! Five days before it even happened! Did you say tennis? I'm counting the days until the 2010 season begins!

    alewis, yes, our roses are still budding and blooming. There would be more blooms if I had been good about clipping off the hips.

    judy, fortunately, we're not getting most of the Tiger story here. What I know I see in the online headlines and on other blogs (complaining about the saturation). And I don't know who Amanda Knox is. I'll have to google it. And yes, fifty.

    starman, I think so!

    nadege, hehe.

    michael, I'm not sure. Mostly late harvest whites. We don't get much in the way of freezing temps while enough of the grapes are still on the vine.

    bill, snowy, eh? It must be pretty, at least for now.


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