Monday, December 07, 2009

On The Ground

While the big plants and trees (except for the evergreens) in and around the vineyard are moving into winter mode, there are still plenty of little plants all around that thrive this time of year.


The mosses, lichens, and other little green plants continue to grow and provide color all through our temperate winter season. They often survive the short bursts of freezing weather we have, and our infrequent snow doesn't seem to bother them when it comes.


These rather warm fall days have made it easier to photograph these little guys. Normally I'm wearing gloves during our walks and that makes it difficult to manipulate the camera. And when it's cold, I don't really like to stop moving to take close ups.


But sometimes I will brave all manner of meteorological stuff just to bring you the most exciting views of our little world. Sometimes. Not all that often, actually.


  1. Often enough!

    I enjoy these occasional closeups that really give us a good idea of the details of what you and Callie and Ken see in your daily excursions. :)


  2. Lulu hates this cold wet weather that we are having now. She has to be "encouraged" to go out of the door or jump out of the car if it's raining. She is obviously a sunshine girl.
    What about Callie?

  3. And they live through the winter! Well, most of them do, anyway. I'm in love with those smallest-of-small things in our world.

  4. Those dandelions look just like rocks.
    Just kidding.

  5. judy, we mostly see dirt...

    jean, Callie will go out in almost all weather, unless it's beating down rain. But light rain is no problem.

    alewis, we have a pretty mild winter here.

    nadege, we've seen how nasty the weather looks in California right now!

    starman, hehehe.

  6. Love the lichens and the moss Walt.


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