Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What, Leftovers Again?

I had some pâte feuilletée (puff pastry) left over in the freezer. I made the pastry last January and used it a couple of times to make galettes des rois (frangipan tarts) back then. What was left in the freezer were the scraps of dough, neatly wrapped in zip-top bags.

Salmon and goat cheese puffs ready to eat!

There was also a bit of goat cheese in the refrigerator along with some remaining smoked salmon that we had as part of an appetizer on Thanksgiving. Hmmmmm...

View from the top.

So I rolled the dough and cut it into small circles, dotted each one with a small chunk of cheese and a slice or two of the smoked fish. A quick egg wash on the dough and into the oven they went.

Another plate full.

This was our appetizer for lunch on Monday. Very tasty. Now I'm out of puff pastry in the freezer, so I'll have to start thinking about making some more. January's right around the corner!


  1. I remember like it was yesterday about "la galette des rois". Time just flies by.

  2. Nadege, I was thinking the same thing about how recently it seems that Walt was talking about his January galette!

    Walt, FABULOUS job on these little goodies. I bet they were wonderful!

  3. Mmmmm...they look delicious.

  4. Mmmm, you're killing me!! I want one! I'll do anything for goat cheese.

  5. What a clever use of leftovers.

  6. OMG, smoked salmon, goat cheese, and puff pastry. That is so unfair in so many ways. The photos only add to the misery of one who's too far away to drop by for lunch. If they were only 1/10th as tasty as they look...

  7. nadege, faster all the time...

    judy, they were tasty. We ate them all up.

    jean, yup!

    larry, anything? ;)

    starman, and economical, too!

    susan, they were at least 80% as good as they look! ;)

    muzbot, I agree!

  8. One question:

    HOW in the world do you two stay so SLIM?!! Share your secret!... heheheheh! : ) Looks good!

  9. leesa, it must be the wine! ;)


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