Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Blooming acacia

This week's image of the week is the acacia blooming out on the edges of the vineyard. The flowers are heavily perfumed and smell very nice when I walk by the trees. Our neighbor came by the other day to tell us to be sure and pick the flowers for making beignets de fleurs d'acacia (deep-fried acacia flowers). That sounds good, but also sounds like an awful lot of work for very little nutrition. We may try it sometime.

Looking westward through the vineyard at the first line of acacia (and other) trees.

This is a long shot of the big row of acacias that grow along one of the many stream beds that drain the vineyards. You can see the white flowers among the green leaves. You can also see how green the vines themselves are getting. As the tendrils and leaves grow, they will eventually hide all the wooden posts beneath a blanket of green.

The grape flowers are there now and will bloom in the coming days. After that, little grape bunches will form and grow. The leaf canopy will shade the little grapes from the sun, keeping them from becoming raisins before their time.


  1. They are such majestic trees. Lovely.

  2. Some days I look in the mirror and think that I've become a raisin before my time.
    I am glad to see those plants growing though. Those empty posts were eerie looking.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Would love to see a before and after once their in full bloom.

  4. I'm continually amazed by how early things are in bloom in Saint-Aignan. But from Ken's blog, I guess that this year things are in bloom earlier than usual. Hungarians (and my family) eat the blossoms of Akac (Acacia). I have seen them listed as somewhat toxic in some books, but they are also sweet and delicious.

  5. I've never seen an Acacia bloom and certainly haven't eaten one. Here we have honeysuckle and Privet blooming and scenting our air. The privet can be overwhelming and it is everywhere.

  6. You think your weather was chilly? It was -1ºC in Prague this morning.

  7. Here's an interesting question for you: Can you pay your bills and taxes online?

  8. craig, and they have cool leaves!

    mark, tell me about it!

    rick, I think they are in full bloom now, so I missed the "before" shot. Maybe I can do an "after and after?"

    kristi, we do seem to be having an early year this time around.

    evelyn, ah, the smells of spring!

    starman, brrrrrrr. And yes, we can and do. However, many of our regular household bills are set up for automatic withdrawal from the bank account with an advance e-mail notification.

  9. Nice new chairs on the terrace!



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