Tuesday, May 17, 2011

La libellule

This dragonfly was so nicely perched on the tip of the car's antenna the other day. When I moved to get the camera it took off, but then it came right back and let me snap a few portraits. I was up on the deck with the car in the driveway below. The zoom lens worked pretty well.

An elegant libéllule perched on the tip of our Peugeot's antenna. Click to dragonate.

There are countless species of dragonfly around these parts from the tiny to the large and the color variations are amazing. I'm sure that our friend Susan could identify this one with no problem, but I'm at a loss. I can tell you, however, that the antenna is from a 2000 Peugeot 206.


  1. Even your friend Simon reckons he knows what that is (although is equally prepared to be shot down by Susan)

    It's a Broad Bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa)

  2. Very good zoom. I love the comment on the 2000 Peugeot 206... bravo!

  3. Yes, it's a youngish male BBC. Car antennae are very popular perches for this family of dragonflies, although I don't think anyone has done any sort of comparative study to work out the best car to buy if you want to attract dragonflies.

  4. Wasn't it just the other day that a fly waited until you grabbed your camera to take it's picture? I must say, those French bugs are very well behaved.

  5. Beautiful photo. Thanks for identifying the car antenna. I was having a hard time finding it and then realized my field guide only covers North American antennas.

  6. Who cares about identifying the dragonfly, it's the antenna we wanted to know about?

  7. I think the dragonfly has the hots for your antenna.

  8. simon, good show!

    craig, I'm a frustrated comedian.

    susan, that would be an interesting topic for a PhD candidate...

    mark, it's the wine.

    mitch, and there are very few Peugeots in North America.

    starman, right on!

    mark, you may be on to something, there... ;)


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