Friday, May 06, 2011

This is the color

I've mentioned that I want a red wall in the house. I don't have it yet, but it won't be long. The wall is in the stairwell that goes from the ground floor up to the main floor of the house. At right angles to that wall is an exterior wall with two glass-block windows that flood the space with light.

This is the red color I want on the wall.

We have a batik hanging on this particular wall. Ken and I found it at a shop in Half Moon Bay, California, many years ago. I want the red wall to be the terracotta color in that batik. I'm printing a photo of it (and will probably have to adjust it to get the color right) to take to the hardware store so I can get a good match. I might have to have it mixed special, we'll see.

When I get the paint, I'll do a before and after photo set for you.


  1. Get bold, buy white paint and a tube of tint - it's huge fun. I managed to mix the orangey/yellow colour on your wall hanging with no problems at all!

  2. I love that brick red colour. Will you be keeping the wall-hanging in its place when the paint is on?

    (Word verification is "holyted" = Holy Ted !! What a great colour !!!)

  3. That's pretty close to the colour I put on one of my kitchen walls. In my case, it's wallpaper though. I could send you a sample, if you want. It might help to order the paint. Just let me know! Martine

  4. Love red! Just ask Martine.
    It really is a tricky color though. It could show up as purple or orange if you're not careful. I can't wait to see the results!
    Your Friend, m.

  5. Look forward to seeing. Great color!

  6. I love red walls and had a red dining room in our last house. Do French paint stores sell small samples of paint? I've just bought three 8 oz samples for my big painting project. Looking forward to seeing your results.


  7. One of the things about being color-blind, is that red is red, blue is blue, etc....if you can tell they're red or blue or whatever.

  8. We've currently got that rich terracotta color on a couple of walls in our living room and we love it. (We also had that golden yellow on the wall going up our stairs in San Francisco.) Given the fact that we've been following a lot of the same paths over the years, I guess it should be no surprise that we're drawn to the same colors, too!

  9. simon, I have some white paint. I'll look around.

    jean, yes, I want to keep the batik on the red wall.

    martine, will do.

    mark, oh, I hope it doesn't come out orange...

    rick, I will post results!

    bettyann, I don't know about samples. I suppose they must...

    starman, are you color-blind?

    mitch, cool!

  10. Didn't you know? More men than women are color-blind....and I am one of them. I wore a pair of pink pants for years thinking they were tan.


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