Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chopper one

I was outside on the deck recently with the camera and this happened by. Helicopters fly by us on a regular basis. A friend once told us that they're usually gendarmes (national police) doing one thing or another. Sometimes there's a medical chopper that flies by. I think they use the river valley as a corridor.

I snapped a quick shot of the chopper flying by. I wonder who it was?

I called a friend in the U.S. yesterday afternoon to wish her a happy birthday and while I was on the phone the strangest thing happened. Bertie the cat hopped over the driveway gate with something in his mouth. A big something. He had caught and killed a rabbit -- a baby rabbit, but still, a rabbit (or more likely, a wild hare). I yelled for Ken to go down and retrieve it. Poor thing. I had to dispose of it over the back fence once I got off the phone. I'll spare you the photo I took of the cute, but dead, body with the eyes still open Oh, what the heck:

He or she was a cute little critter. That's life in the country. I wish Bertie would go for moles instead.

The other thing that happened while I was on the phone was that our neighbor across the way walked over to tell me there was going to be noise last night. Some of her grandchildren ("kids" in their early twenties) were coming to the house for an overnight party. As the kids started to arrive, she and her husband left to return to their main house in Blois.

Naturally, right at bed time, we could here the thumping of the music from across the street. It went on until sometime after one this morning. It wasn't too bad since we had the windows closed (a chilly night), but still, I'm sure some of the other more elderly neighbors were not pleased. In fact, I was up around the time the music stopped and I noticed the lights on in another neighbor's house, which is unusual. Apparently, these two neighbors have been feuding for decades. I wonder if she called the mayor (who is also a neighbor)?

The problem is that these kids live up around Blois in a more urban setting. I'm sure that when they come down here, to their grandparents' country house, they think that there aren't many people around and that nobody can hear them. But we can, especially on warm nights when windows are open. Oh well, an occasional loud party is part of life.

At least I didn't see any gendarmes!


  1. i get really pissed when our neighbors here in NC decide to use the leaf blower to blow their driveway.....and at 8:15 AM.....we're in the woods anyway, why do u have to blow the driveway? Those things r so noisy!!! Maybe a bit of leaf blowing in the wee hrs of the AM would surprise the young uns in ur neighborhood!

  2. Hey Walt - we both remember we were kids once - and maybe we still are sometimes. Those late night parties are beyond us these days but we do remember.
    And as for bunnies, check out our post on Monday - the best bunny I've ever tasted that Sue has cooked - truly yum-yum.

  3. What a cute little rabbit!
    (I vaguely saw something in the news about spanish cucumbers. I like shopping at Whole Foods because the origin of fruits and vegetables is always written down. [Sorry to CHM for shopping there]).

  4. Shadow occasionally catches a bunny--but he eats his So we get woken up by the sound of very determined crunching in the small hours. Dining spot of preference is under a small desk on the landing.

  5. Where's my hasenpfeffer!! (Sorry, couldn't resist). LOL this is my second Bugs Bunny reference today!

    "I think they use the river valley as a corridor." Yes, I think they are using the river as a guide.

  6. Wearing hearing aids is great for sleeping in peace and quiet. Kids will be kids, eh?

  7. There is a copter here that flies over almost every day. Maybe when we object to the noisy "kids", it's a sign we're getting old.

  8. melinda, I think leaf blowers are among the stupidest things on Earth. Noisy, wasteful, stupid. Kinda like those jet-ski things.

    leon, I love rabbit on the plate, too. This one was a bit scrawny, though.

    nadege, I'm growing cukes this year, so I'll wait for them.

    n&a, I thought Bertie might do likewise, but we took it away before he could.

    cubby, what's up, doc?

    evelyn, or NOT wearing them! LOL

    starman, ya think?

    michael, it's not that bad...


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