Monday, May 30, 2011

Little grapes

The grape vines are in flower now. In fact, many of them are past flowering and have formed little grapes. The bunches are still pointing skyward, but as the grapes mature, they'll bend down toward the ground. I just hope they don't turn into raisins on the vine.

A bunch of grapes in the early stages. Click to raisinate.

The weather people are predicting thunderstorms with some rain this afternoon and evening. The rain isn't expected to be heavy, so it won't help the drought much.


  1. We had about 30 mins worth earlier. Sadly, you're right it won't really help much. But at least it's been round long enough to see water dripping off the leaves--a novelty these days. Antoinette

  2. Walt,
    Your capture the early morning light so well and those clear blue skies, to die for!

  3. We had a nice lightening show the other day, but no rain.

  4. I have never seen grape flowers before.

  5. n&a, yes, we got that right after you did. I measured 1mm in the gauge.

    ron, you're too kind!

    starman, cool.

    michael, I hadn't either until I moved here. I was surprised at what they looked like.


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