Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cumulus de beau temps

Fair weather cumulus clouds, also known as cumulus humilis. Wednesday gave us an afternoon sky filled with them. They never developed into thunderclouds and we got no rain, but the sun and warm (mid 70sF) temperature made for a very pleasant day.

View from the guest room. Looks like high summer and it's only mid-May. See how brown the grass is?

The morning was sunny and bright. I got the sweet corn planted in one of the vegetable garden plots. Five rows and three varieties of corn. I also planted two cucumber seedlings in the same plot. Then, after lunch, I finished cleaning up the little planting strip around the well and put in sixteen marigold plants that I had grown from seed.

All the transplants look good; not one of them drooped. I've got to keep them watered until we get some rain. Free water is always appreciated. As long as we don't get too much (which doesn't seem very likely in the near term).

Today I plan to set out squash plants in one of the other garden plots. There are six plants: two round zucchini and two sunburst yellow summer squash (given to us by friends), and two potimarron winter squash that I grew. From what I can tell, potimarrons are called red kuri squash in English.

The two remaining plots will receive the tomatoes and aubergine (eggplant) that are hardening off on the deck. I've also got to save some space for the lima beans. I'll plant those seeds directly in the garden.


  1. Hello,

    I wish good luck with planting all your plants in your kitchengarden.

    In belgium we have the same problem whit the weather and the water.

    Greetings from Belgium

  2. It appears you guys are about one month ahead of us as far as planting goes. It is just warming up here enough to thaw out for the summer!
    You should have quite a 'crop' in the fall. Have a great day.

  3. Almost looks like a painting. Very nice!

  4. Oh, the yard is so gorgeous! What a view!


  5. Beautiful photo ... agree it looks like a painting, especially the clouds in the sky!

  6. It definitely looks like mid-summer. I hope this isn't a bad omen.

  7. Its noyce to see somewhere you've been - Every photo of your yard and house is like meeting a friend again.

  8. It's lovely. I'll be right over! m.

  9. J'adore le photo d'aujourdhui!
    I've planted zukes also, but fear the nasty pest that killed mine last year will return.

  10. You and Ken are an inspiration to me! You seem to have completed so many things each day and with such good results!

    I notice you have one of those popular shade tents. Any suggestions or comments on what to look for when buying? My daughter and her boyfriend will need to buy one for their musical performance on Saturday (rain forecast :-( ).

    It's hard to imagine you have brown spots in your yard. Around here, everyone (including me) are running around trying to get the high grass (from all the rain) mowed inbetween the days when it just keeps on growing.

  11. Weather-wise, we're really lucky, most of the time. And because we live on the top floor of our building, we can sit on the balcon and enjoy cooler temps then the peeps on the ground.

  12. Keep that warm weather going, Walt. We'll be in Paris within weeks.

  13. Lovely photo of your garden in the sunshine - I adore those little fluffy white clouds.


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