Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday morning on the heights

Friday night was clear, and clear skies mean chilly temperatures. I took Callie out for her morning walk a little after seven a.m. and the thermometer at our house read about 9.5ºC (about 49ºF). I think it was a bit colder out in the vineyard. I saw a few hot air balloons off in the distance toward the west (downriver).

If you look closely (or click to enlarge) you can see the plume of steam from the power plant just to the right of center.

We walked up through the vineyards and took a path across to the next road. That route goes up a bit higher than we are and you get a nice view across the valley. This morning I could see the steam rising from the nuclear power plant up on the Loire River, about forty-five miles to our northeast.

Another view, looking north across the Cher River valley.

The air was crisp, almost fall-like, and there was no wind. With the sun on my back I didn't feel cold at all. The only sound I heard was the chirping of birds and the faint sound of a train whooshing by in the valley below. It was a very pleasant walk.


  1. When I read your posts describing nature and sound around you I wonder why you don't try your hand in writing a novel. Never know what it would lead to .

  2. Why did the beetle cross the road? To get to the other side, I suppose! ;) Martine

  3. Your Sat AM sounded very much like our Sunday AM - crisp, clear and windless on the bay in Melbourne. About the same degrees as well.

  4. The vines look their best early in the year like this. Very fresh and green.

  5. Everything looks so beautiful at this time of year, doesn't it...It's still so fresh and new....I agree with the commenter who thought you could write a book, but I think of non-fiction, nature writing with some chapters about dogs and perhaps cats, thrown in!

  6. Be glad it was only steam.

  7. t.b., I'm too lazy!

    martine, hehehe.

    leon, our spring, your fall.

    craig, and the leaves are good to eat, as long as they're not sprayed.

    kristi, again, lazy bones.

    starman, yup.


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