Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Salade frisée

This is actually a variety of chicory that produces heads of curly lettuce. I think that Americans use the term frisée to describe this kind of lettuce, too, though you may know it as "curly endive." This frisée is one of three lettuce varieties that I've planted so far this year. The second, another chicory called scarole (escarole in English), is a broad leaf variety that I planted at the same time.

Frisée lettuce out in the garden. Time to thin the plants and enjoy a salad!

The third type is romaine and I just planted the seeds a week ago. They're up and running and soon I will need to thin them. They're growing in little pots until they're big enough to go out into the garden.

I planted the two chicories from seed earlier this spring directly in the garden. The slugs and snails thinned them out for me (nice of them), but the surviving plants are getting larger and need to be thinned again. This time it will be us eating the thinned out plants, and not the gastropods.


  1. What a wonderful season, when you can begin eating from your own garden.

  2. Be French... eat snails... get your veg second hand!

  3. You can make one hell of a salad with those three varieties. I think the frisée makes salads look so much better.

  4. kristi, I know! Great!

    tim, there aren't enough to eat. And they're mostly slugs. Alas.

    starman, I'm looking forward to doing exactly that!

  5. Damn those gastropods !!


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