Saturday, July 07, 2012

Between a rock and a lunch place

On Saturday morning, we packed up the car and headed out of Hyannis. The hotel guy had told us that if we got to the bridge before eleven a.m., we'd have no problems with traffic. He was right. Because we had time, we took the scenic route through Falmouth, dipping down through the southwestern part of the cape before heading back to the bridge.

Crazy Eddie's on Town Wharf, Plymouth Harbor.

Our first errand on our way back to Boston was to stop at an L.L. Bean outlet store in Wareham. We found it pretty easily in a large shopping center and spent about a half-hour shopping. Ken and I both found some nice shirts for good prices. Then we had to stuff them into our luggage. Yes, that was us you saw unpacking and repacking the parking lot.

Tails of the Sea. Get it? I think these might be whale-watching boats.

Our second errand was to find a place for lunch. We headed to Plymouth, back up on the coast on the way to Boston. I'm sure I've been there, but I only have a vague memory of it. We made our way to the waterfront very near the famous rock, then drove northward. It was lunch time and we were ready. Ken found a parking spot near a large pier that is home to a large bar and grill called Crazy Eddie's. The car was parked and we were hungry; this was the place.

The Mayflower II. It's bigger than I thought it would be, much larger than Henry Hudson's Half Moon.

We both enjoyed a huge servings of fish and chips. Delicious. The view from our table out over the water was spectacular, as was the weather. Warm, dry, sunny. The restaurant filled up as we finished, then we headed out for a walk around town before the final drive up to the airport. It was all very pleasant. We had a look at the Mayflower II, a replica of the famous ship that brought those religious fanatics out of England to the New World. Then we went to the Temple of the Rock to view, well, the Rock. It's a rock.

Yup. It's a rock. Apparently the original rock was removed and chipped apart over the years. This is all that's left.

A quick stroll through town took us back to the car and we headed to Boston and our overnight flight home to France. What an amazing two weeks we had. Thanks for sticking with me through two months of vacation photos. If nothing else, these blog entries will serve as a record of our trip and help jog our memories in our dotage.


  1. Loved your trip report. I think I saw the rock when I was a kid and I think it had some sort of wooden frame around it.

  2. I loved your trip diary, too. It was an important trip to document :))

    I know that some of your searching for parent birth certificates had to do with getting the marriage license, I guess, but you'll be needing them for the citizenship process, too, right? Is the birth certificates issue finally settled for both you and Ken, or are you still working on that?

    We're looking forward to going Shanty on the Shore when we visit Burlington (and Stowe) Vermont for a week this summer. I can't wait to see Lake Champlain again!


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    (Feel free to delete this comment.)

  4. "Two months of vacation photos"? Don't you mean two weeks? Have enjoyed your tour of the northeast.

  5. The first picture is so New England. I'll bet all those rock chips are forgotten and collecting dust. It never ceases to bother me that people have to do stuff like that!

  6. Love the pictures, many thanks. Your comment re ship size prompted me to consult Mr. Google, who says Mayflower II was 106 feet length and 25 beam (although there are no known accurate plans, so that's approximate), and Half Moon was 65 length (95 with bowsprit) and 17.5 beam. Close quarters for a long trip in either.
    And while I'm being pedantic, everything I've ever read says that the new arrivals didn't step on that rock per se, that it's just a stage prop. But a good tourist attraction.

  7. Walt

    Un gros merci for that marvellous trip report. Now I will know what to visit when we go to Cape Cod one of these days. I have been there so many times for work -MTL-BOSTON -Hyannis but never had a chance to do the tourist thing.

  8. evelyn, thanks for coming along!

    judy, I did get my parents' certificates, but they're not "official" copies. They're supposedly for genealogical purposes only. We wanted them for the PACS, but we may not do that if marriage equality passes in France next year. We'd certainly need them if we decided to apply for citizenship.

    scott, what does that entail?

    anon, well, the trip was two weeks but I posted pictures from it for two months.

    starman, I know!

    emm, my assumptions were correct! I also understand about the rock, but you can't stop a legend, right?

    t.b., I thought it was beautiful.

    chris, glad you enjoyed it!


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