Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Château country

This sign sums it up. Each one of the towns this sign points to is home to a famous Loire Valley château. And there are many more, most open to the public for touring.

The intersection at the bridge in Montrichard on the Cher River.

To get to our town you would follow the small sign, Autres Directions (Other Destinations) and cross the bridge.


  1. I didn't know you lived in Autres Directions. Sounds pretty!

  2. What an odd name for a town, "Autres Directions." But then Pennsylvania has "Bird in Hand," "Intercourse," etc.

  3. What a clean and green environment ...

  4. I've always wanted to live in a foreign country for a few years to learn the language. La Belle France looks lovely. Of course I could never get Bill to agree. Looks like a dream unrealized for moi.

  5. You could always move to a town called "toutes directions" - it's usually just down the road from "autres directions" !!

  6. I always have loved those two choices you have when driving in France: "all directions" or, "other directions"!! Pretty much covers the territory, non?

    Donna in SF

  7. Provided they have wine; I am all for them.

  8. mark, would I live anywhere else?

    mitch, and New York has Climax and Surprise.

    budi bali, we like it.

    ron, don't worry. It takes a lifetime to learn the language. ;)

    judy, they have a bunch of 'em over here!

    jean, hehehehe!

    donna, pretty much!

    michael, if they don't, there's always wine close by.

  9. Saint-Aignan doesn't even get it's own sign?

    1. starman, oh it does, just a little further down the road.


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