Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scenes from the Montrichard market

Photos taken on Friday 29 June 2012.

In line for produce.

Wandering among the stalls with wine tasting (on the right).



  1. What a clean market...would love to buy some veg there

  2. The first market photo is so fine- I love the colors. Markets are springing up everywhere down here in Dixie, but they don't have the charm of the markets of France.

    Glad to hear the sun is going to shine on you for a while!

  3. Hey Walt! Good to see you again!
    Now THAT looks like a market that we could indulge.

  4. Yes, the colors especially of the first photo are fabulous!

    Enjoy the warmth :))

  5. Walt

    Went to the marché jean Talon last Saturday and I would like to confirm that dogs are forbidden inside ( this is new because last fall people were bringing in their dogs) though I did find two dogs on leash in one of the side alleys.

  6. Luscious colors. I bet the veggies are luscious too!

  7. There are going to be a lot of good stuff on French tables tonight!

  8. At least you can buy gorgeous vegies in the Marché since your garden has been a little late... Those vendors have beautiful displays and you've captured everything but the aroma!

    Mary in Oregon

  9. Very nice market scene, the vegetables looks very fresh and clean!


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