Sunday, July 01, 2012

Quaint little villages here and there

Here are some images of Commercial Street, the main street, in Provincetown. These aren't the greatest shots, but they are the only wider shots I took during our short walk that evening.

Provincetown's Pilgrim Monument rises high above the center of town (left).

The people we saw on the street were obviously enjoying the almost balmy weather. Remember, this was mid-May and a Friday evening. I'm sure folks were happy to be able to stroll around as if it were summer.

Most buildings along the central section of Commercial Street are shops, restaurants, or art galleries.

I don't know how I'd feel about being there in the height of summer, though. I'm sure there's a great energy, but I don't do well with large crowds, crawling traffic, lines for food, and the other trappings of a popular vacation spot. Especially one that's not far from a large city. People try to "get away from it all" but more often than not just end up bringing it all with them.

The sun goes down and the lights come on.

I suppose it's just the change of scenery that the vacationers are after, exchanging country air for city air, walking on a beach instead of a concrete wharf, leisurely enjoying an ice cream cone instead of choking down a fast-food lunch. Can't blame them for that.


  1. Along with many places in France, the views of the town are so often blighted by the ugly overhead power and phone wires. Lucky and foresighted are the villages that can and have buried their cables!

  2. This really feels New England-y, I think :)
    And, I agree with you wholeheartedly about the crowds and lines and traffic -- it really puts a damper on things.

    Vive le Tour!


  3. Americana like these streets always make me think of NORMAN ROCKWELL
    they have a messy charm all of their own.....

  4. I have been to P-Town many times in summer. I remember the streets being packed with people at night, not cars. It is a big party, and everyone is in great spirits, laughing and enjoying the crowds, and having a glass of wine outside in the beautiful weather. And socializing. You will see outrageously creative drag queens strolling by and welcomed by every type of person imaginable. Most people try to rent a house or a room close to town so they can walk.

    I don't think visitors are after country air. :-) I think they are after the party. When the bars and restuarants close, the streets are still packed with people in good spirits.

  5. P-Town in summer on Youtube:

    Summer Carnival:

    Summer 2010:

  6. Did Ken find a nice bottle of wine?

  7. P-town has taken on a persona of its own. A lot of people go there just to say they've been there.

  8. P-Town! I'd like to visit there someday!

    We go to Key West very regularly and have a met a lot of people there who tell us how great Provincetown is.....

  9. And I bet on Italy and they lost 0-4 ( what a shame after the good game against the Germans)...
    Next Euro cup will be in France and am telling Yves that may be this will be our chance to watch one of these matches. 24 teams (countries) 13 stadiums ( 2 in Paris) and hopefully the FX is in our favour

  10. lesley, yes, it certainly would look nicer without all the wires.

    judy, and I've always been a city person! But crowds make me nervous.

    john, I agree.

    diogenes, I'm certain about the party atmosphere! And it's good to know that the street is not clogged with cars inching along among the people. Thanks for the links.

    bettyann, good eye! Yes, that last photo was taken after dinner. We found a wine shop and got a bottle for the room later.

    starman, that's exactly what we did... ;)

    e&c, I've never been to Key West, but would love to see it. Another "one of these days" things!

    t.b., we'll keep our fingers crossed!

  11. You're so right about the crowds and the traffic. I used to love to go to P'town, but preferably in off-season.


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