Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer veg

The market is the only place I'm seeing eggplant right now. The plants in our vegetable garden have slowed down due to the lack of warmth. They're not even flowering yet. I still have hope.

We do have a few long green peppers, but the bell peppers seem to be stalled as well. Patience...


  1. Our aubergine are flowering well, but as you say, no action on the pepper front. They are just sitting there. We do have some good sized chillies coming.

  2. Our peppers are really miserable too. Tomatoes are putting on lots of green leaves but few flowers. Just dug some fine spuds. We seem to be having a typical English summer here in le G-P.

  3. We didn't intentionally plant bell peppers, but we have one plant (Elliot bought it, thinking it was a tomato plant). What secret can you give me for getting larger peppers? We've had PLENTY of warmth, and we've watered regularly. The tomatoes are doing fine, and our one jalapeño plant seems to be producing normally, but the red bell pepper plant produces peppers that are pretty small.

  4. I'm not crazy about eggplant, but those peppers look great!

  5. Beautiful picture. It makes me want to start making ratatouille.

  6. That looks delicious Walt!

  7. susan, I hope next week's predicted sun comes through.

    tim (I think), it sure seems that way. But I think they have it worse in England.

    judy, I've never encountered that. I would say water them well, but you are already doing that...

    starman, I love eggplant.

    emm, yum!

    ron, it sure does!


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