Monday, July 30, 2012

Hey Sluggo, where's Nancy?

This cool wet year has been heaven for the limaces (snails and slugs) around us. You may remember how they ravaged my bean sprouts in the vegetable garden a few weeks ago. We're also seeing the big European red slugs in great numbers out in the vineyard and the surrounding woods.

A European red slug feasting up in the branches of some leafy green plants.


  1. We are still having cloudy mornings with a Marine layer - at least there isn't any rain and because of that - NO SLUGS! Especially European red ones - which I have never seen nor have I heard of them before now.

    Mary in Oregon

  2. jean, oh, they're not so bad. But I've never touched one.

    mary, our rain is clearing out now, for the time being.


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