Friday, July 20, 2012

The state of the grapes

The chilly gray weather we're having this season is not playing nicely with the agriculture. Everyone is complaining that the fruit trees are not producing, that the vegetable gardens are struggling, and that the grape yield will be down at summer's end.

Immature grapes on the vines out back, mid-July 2012.

Still, there are some grapes and they seem to be coming right along. It will be interesting to see, and taste, what next year's wines are like.


  1. Seriously, Walt, when are the French not complaining? Fred's only been awake 10 minutes now and has complained about the squeaky floors, the dishes in the sink and the weather.

  2. I've heard it could be a bad year for wine.

  3. I sure hope we won't have a wine drought. THAT would be awful...

    Mary in Oregon

  4. Hmmm, time to buy californian....

  5. mark, um, when they're sleeping? You have squeaky floors?

    starman, we shall see.

    mary, dog forbid.

    bill, not here, my friend.


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