Tuesday, July 03, 2012

You're sure to fall in love...

...with old Cape Cod. All right, enough with the song lyrics. I still have a few photos of Provincetown I'd like to share. It looks nothing like this right now, I'm sure, since this is the Fourth of July week. I'll bet it's packed to the rafters with happy vacationers.

An old stone or concrete sign reassembled on the beach.

The big event going on this week in France is the Tour de France bicycle race, which started on Saturday. School vacations also just started this weekend, so many people are on the road getting to where they'll spend their holiday. Wimbledon tennis is nearing its finals weekend across the channel.

Colorful kayaks piled up (upside down), ready for the summer onslaught.

Preparations are certainly being made for France's national day, le quatorze julliet (Bastille Day on July 14). I'm sure our little town will be having its annual fireworks display down on the river. The annual Snail Festival, which is basically a big flea market with food and entertainment, will take place on the 22nd. If the weather is good, we might wander down for a quick walk-through.

The entrance to a restaurant, club, or boutique on Commercial Street.

So, the summer season is officially under way on both sides of the Atlantic. I'm hoping the weather cooperates and we have two good months of sunny days and (relatively) warm temperatures. The vegetable garden will like that.


  1. My Parents love Provincetown. I've yet to go. Something's wrong here!

  2. Most of the 4th of July fireworks shows have been cancelled this year in the St.Louis area, due to the extremely dry conditions we're experiencing after a week of 100°+ temps and no rain. I hear that there is a widespread power outage in the east, especially around Maryland, Virginia, southern NJ, and D.C., where they've also been experiencing temps in the 100° range. It puts a damper on the celebrations, that's for sure.


  3. Love the 'Life Saver's colors you've captured with the kayaks. Now I want some life savers:-0

    Happy Fourth!

  4. Oh... if you spend an evening, you will want to stay... Thanks once again. I have just sung the entire song through in hopes it will stop repeating in my head. So far, it's not working.

    But wishing you sunshine anyway.

  5. mark, c'est le monde à l'envers.

    judy, strange weather you're having! Hope all stays safe and calm.

    mary, enjoy the holiday!

    mitch, all week long! I'm tellin' ya!

  6. I like the restaurant entrance. And, of course, the re-assembled P-Town sign.


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