Thursday, March 12, 2015


As spring approaches, I notice a lot of shrubs and tree branches turning a dark shade of red. I wonder if it isn't the sap rising? Whatever it is, it means that the plants are preparing to blossom and/or put out leaves. The flowers on the forsythia in our garden are opening now, and the plum trees have fat pink buds on them.

Notice the reddish tint in the lateral stems. It's more pronounced now than it has been all winter.

This is either a wild rose or blackberry out on the edge of a wood in between vineyard parcels. I think that its thorns are amazing looking. Today will be our last "warm" day before a weather system moves in, bringing temperatures back down for the weekend. I hope we don't get a freeze, but that is certainly a possibility this time of year.


  1. Yep, we're seeing evidence of buds starting to form here too. It will be officially spring next week.

  2. It's such a welcome sight. It's cold here and yet we have camelias opening! I love to see the garden coming back to life.

  3. Coming out of the senior center yesterday after Bridge, I noticed the fat buds on the magnolia trees. We are having 63+ degree days here that are about 10 degrees above normal for this early in spring. I can take it, though!

    Mary in Oregon

  4. stuart, can't wait. I hope the forecast holds.

    craig, me too. I like being able to be outdoors. Then in summer, having windows and doors open.

    mary, I certainly could take that! :)


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